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June 13, 1981

In the '70s and early '80s, George Jones garners a reputation in the music industry as an unpredictable live performer who is susceptible to cancelling shows at the last minute. The habit earns him the nickname "No Show Jones," a song on "Yesterday's Wine," his 1992 collaboration with another 1981 Billy Bob's debut, Merle Haggard. True to his moniker, Jones cancels a June 1981 appearance at the club.
He makes up the show a few days later and begins a friendship with Billy Bob Barnett, a longtime fan who offers to manage Jones and take over his troubled financial affairs. Barnett sets about straightening up up Jones' obligations from his many cancelled dates, and Jones plays at Billy Bob's and even lives in Fort Worth for a time. Just as quickly as it was struck, the partnership dissolves after Jones phones from Alabama to call off their deal.

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