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Kevin Fowler

We look forward to welcoming Kevin Fowler to Billy Bob’s Texas on Friday, December 20th. We offer a one of a kind experience in the heart of the Fort Worth Stockyards! While you’re here check out the Honky Tonk Kitchen, Billy Bob’s gift store, and live bull riding!

Show Details
Kevin Fowler at 10:30 PM on the Main Stage
Triston Marez at 9:30 PM on the Main Stage
House band at 8:00 PM on the Honky Tonk Stage
Doors Open at 6 PM


For fans of: Casey Donahew Band, Josh Abbott Band, Kyle Park

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About Kevin Fowler

Kevin Fowler has a found way to live the dream – by earning it. It’s never been an easy or short

road, but it’s a path he wouldn’t trade and has positioned him as one of the most consistent

artists, in any genre, of the last two decades. His musical journey began playing in rock bands

before finding his footing as a solo act in the early 2000s in his home state of Texas, where he

burst onto the scene with the celebrated album Beer Bait and Ammo – a mainstay for fans to

this day. And while his songs have been covered by Country Music mainstays such as George

Jones, Mark Chesnutt, Montgomery Gentry, Sammy Kershaw and others – Kevin’s versions of

these songs are feelgood classics that rival the most well-known and memorable songs of any

of his contemporaries. Fowler released seven additional albums over the following 14 years

after Beer Bait and Ammo, including his most recent effort 2016’s Coming To A Honkytonk Near

You produced by Trent Wilmon.

Now he readies his latest effort, Barstool Stories for an August 23rd release. The understated

title is a nod to what he does best – entertain. The album is filled with songs that invoke the

quintessential sound that Fowler has spent his career fine-tuning and reinforcing. The set kicks

off with the up-tempo rocker, “Neon” providing the listener a tone-setting compass for what’s

to come. He seamlessly weaves back and forth and through the eleven songs to highlight

everything that is Kevin Fowler – the upbeat, tongue-in-cheek master (“Beach Please,” “Fake

ID”), the live show veteran (“Livin’ These Songs I Write, “Better With Beer”) and the sentimental

dreamer (“She’s Growing on Me”, “Heaven”). The album doesn’t strictly rest of the laurels of

the familiar, it pushes the listener to consider where Fowler is going, as well as where he’s

been. Fowler once again turned to Willmon for producer duties, noting, “it was awesome to

work with Trent Willmon again. This is the second album he has produced for me. He did a

great job on this record. We have some great songs on this project. It makes it really hard to

choose one for the single. I love all of ‘em. I also got my buddies Cody Johnson and Roger

Creager to sing one with me. We all sang on one called “A Drinkin’ Song”. It turned out

amazing! This record is very well rounded with plenty of good ol’ Fowler fun songs and a few

more heartfelt, serious ones. I love this record and I’m sure our fans will too. “

Barstool Stories confirms the dream Kevin Fowler keeps living – repeatedly making great music,

having a lot of fun doing it and inviting the audience to do the same and this album proudly

claims its’ place as his current “snapshot in time.”

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About Triston Marez

Country singer Triston Marez’s sound isn’t just centered around the crying steel or prominent fiddles that often go hand in hand with the rolling plains or legendary dancehalls that come to mind when thinking about country music — they’re part of a way of life for the 22-year-old. Marez’s debut ep, that was all me, set to release Jan. 25, showcases Marez’s rich vocals telling tales of long nights, former flames and new love with a relatable honesty.

On the ep, Marez’s influences — Chris Ledoux, Aaron Watson And Cody Johnson — weave throughout a collection of pure country music. In the ep’s title track, “That Was All Me,” a raucous night can be blamed on the jukebox, neons buzzing and one too many whiskeys, but insists any feelings felt were true. “Where Rivers Are Red, Cowboys Are Blue” hearkens back to the heyday of cowboy songs with an ode to a former flame, while “Dizzy” features the other side of the coin and a fledgling love story found on the dancehall floor. “Reservations For Two” is a romantic night set in the great outdoors, and “Here’s To The Weekend” offers an appreciation for a few cold beers with good friends while searching for a reprieve from the daily grind.

A Houston native, Marez’s sound isn’t just centered around country music, it’s weaved through his entire 22 years. As a member of a musical family from Oklahoma known for their bluegrass and fiddle talents, Marez started playing guitar at age six and his first live performance was a Buck Owens song in the first grade talent show. Marez worked as a ranch hand and even rode bulls as a hobby for years to support his music career. He also won the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo’s talent competition in 2014.

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