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About Dolly Shine

Deep in south Texas there is an old Spanish term that has been around for ages called “Dale Shine.” Its literal translation means to “give it shine,” but in today’s slang style it simply means “give it gas” and/or “go for it.” Further up north, in Stephenville to be exact, hails a band so heavily mired in that credo that their stages are nearly overrun with fans pressed hard up against the edges, eyes wide, hanging on every word. In the Americanized version, they call themselves Dolly Shine.

After a 2 year hiatus to focus on family and other projects, Dolly Shine has announced they’ll be bringing the band back together for a limited number of shows in May of 2019. The reunion tour band will feature original members Zack McGinn, Jerrod Flusche, and Johnny Goodson.

The tour stops will be a few of the band’s favorite towns to play in.

Red Dirt Hat Co. will be partnering with the band to bring an exclusive line of Reunion Tour merchandise. The band is also partnering with Anderson Bean boots to provide a ticket/boot bundle give away for each show.

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