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Aaron Lewis grew up in Springfield, Vermont, listening to his grandparents’ country 8-tracks. Those roots inspired the multi-platinum Staind founder to return to his origins for the #1BillboardCountry Album debut Town Line and Sinner, as well asBillboard’s #1 Hot Country Songdebut “Am I The Only One,” only the 9thtime since 1958. Having recorded with George Jones, Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Alison Krauss and Vince Gill, Lewis has put a traditionalist brand on his outlier country. His latest album, Frayed At Both Ends, offers the hard-touring/15-million-selling workingman’s country star at his most personal and unplugged–making for an intimate record that reflects his 2023 acoustic tour

Show Details
Aaron Lewis on the Main Stage 10 PM
House Band on the Honky Tonk Stage at 8 PM
Doors Open at 6 PM

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About Aaron Lewis

Aaron Lewis has always had a strong connection with his fans, and today, he keeps the tradition alive revealing new music, touring and a special performance to them first on Facebook. He will take the stage at Legend’s Corner (428 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203) tonight at 7:00P as fans and Music City visitors are invited to the downtown honky tonk where Lewis will preview music from his upcoming album. The fervent show will also  broadcast live on Facebook for fans across the globe.


Lewis wrote six of the 10 tracks, which also features cuts by acclaimed songwriters Dan Tyminski and the late Keith Whitley, among others. Produced by Buddy Cannon, pre-order for STATE I’M IN begins February 1, while the title track and “The Bottom” is out at all digital partners and for all album pre-orders ahead of the April 12 release. Special album bundle packages are accessible now directly on Lewis’ website AaronLewisMusic.com.


STATE I’M IN Track Listing:

  1. “The Party’s Over “|Aaron Lewis
  2. “Can’t Take Back”|Aaron Lewis, Ira Dean, Dan Tyminski
  3. “Reconsider”|Charlie Brocco, Keith Gattis
  4. “It Keeps On Workin’”|Aaron Lewis, Ira Dean, Chris Wallin
  5. “State I’m In”|Aaron Lewis
  6. “God And Guns”|Aaron Lewis, Bobby Pinson
  7. “Love Me”|Aaron Lewis
  8. “If I Were the Devil”|Houston Phillips, Trent Tomlinson
  9. “Burnt the Sawmill Down”|Jim Elliot, Keith Whitley
  10. “The Bottom”|Waylon Payne

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