About Couples Dance Classes

Longtime Billy Bobs Texas Dance Instructor Wendell Nelson is back with a new 8 week course of Country & Western Dance Classes starting May 12 & May 13th. (See Schedule below)

The classes are very family friendly. 17 & under must be with a parent or guardian and bring their own dance partner. We always have groups taking the classes (family, work, church, social, etc) so feel free to put one together. If we have singles we will try to pair them up, but we do not guarantee dance partners.

Please wear leather soled shoes. No tennis shoes, flip-flops, open toe sandals, etc.

No need to preregister! Just show up 15 min early to get a table and drink and wait to be called to sign up. You can have dinner in our cafe before or after your class and then stay and practice, as well.

The classes cost $5.00 per person per class with a $2.00 admission. Parking is free.

Dance Schedule

Sunday May 12, 2019

5PM---Beg. Country (3-step, 2-step, waltz & c.e. joe)

6PM---Intermediate Country ( Beginner country cha-cha)

Monday May 13, 2019

7PM---Beg. Country (same as Sunday 5PM)

8PM---Intermediate Country (more steps in 3-step for those that know the basics)

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Ask about Private Lessons!

Ask us about Private Lessons for weddings and celebrations or if you are just wanting to improve your style and technique or learn another dance not being currently taught.

Contact Billy Bob’s Texas at 817-624-7117.

About Our Instructor

Meet Wendell, the Dancing Machine.  Wendell Nelson started giving dance lessons at Billy Bob’s at the end of 1981.  He’s taught more than 100,000 people – including pre-Pretty Woman Julia Roberts.  He also taught Paula Zahn the “Electric Slide” for a CBS This Morning” segment.  Wendell’s old-fashioned sense of humor charms his classes.  He is a man who clearly loves his job.  “I always say, when I die, when they close the lid, my feet are gonna be dancing.”

Dancing is good exercise and a great way to have fun while meeting new people.  As Wendell likes to say, “Dancing is the most fun you can have standing up.”  At Billy Bob’s, there are different dance lesson opportunities so that patrons can learn how to boot-scoot scross the Texas-sized dance floor.

Contact Wendell Nelson  
682 224 1899

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