Fallen Angel

Saturday, Sept 15/Saturday, Oct 27
81 Club Billy Bob’s Texas
Dinner and Show $60 + $6 service fee if ordering on-line (tax is included, gratuity is not included)
Doors Open 7:00 pm | Dinner: 7:30pm | Show Starts 8:00 pm

Rebecca Angel has been murdered!  Apparently our “angel” had fallen on hard times and intended to climb back up ~ any way she could.  She would stop at nothing:  committing bank robbery, blackmail, even double-parking her horse.  It also seems her little black diary makes for better copy than the National Enquirer ~ and everybody’s secrets are out!

Could Esperanza have a need for revenge or did she just not want the competition in a bad economy?  Did Hyrum Q. Justice “see” something about Rebecca that made him snap?  Could the Reverend Brimstone’s “private healings” have gone too far?  Or perhaps Helen and her “friend” finally got away with murder?  Be prepared to have some knee slappin’ fun as you come along for one of the wildest Wild West rides of your life!

Marshal Jim Courtright – Jim is an intelligent, kind lawman struggling to maintain order in one of the wildest parts of Texas.  He would like to spend a quiet evening at home, but instead will be working his way through the parade of zany characters to determine who murdered Rebecca.

Judge Hyrum Q. Justice – Justice may be blind, but in Hyrum’s case it’s “blind drunk.”  He rarely sees both sides of the case, but he frequently sees a lot of other things.  Justice to the extreme is Hyrum’s specialty.

Reverend Simon Brimstone – A man who believes the wages of sin should be paid directly to his “orphanage fund.”  Equipped with a used carnival tent and a wife who gets “healed” at every revival, he is on a mission to save our souls…one dollar at a time.

Helen Brimstone – If at first you don’t succeed…try, try again ~ so Helen’s friend keeps telling her.   She’s on husband number eight and this one may not be her last.   Helen may finally succeed by turning the hard earned “orphanage fund” into her well-deserved “widow’s fund.”

Esperanza – This newly hired, fiery dance hall girl attempts to outrun her past, but her past keeps running along beside her.  Always on the lookout for her “Big Daddy,” she’s long on name and short on details about her previous vocation and just who she was to Rebecca Angel.   

Gourmet Dinner Buffet featuring:

  • Spring Salad Mix with Ranch Dressing and Balsamic Dressing
  • Smoked Adobo Pork Loin
  • Roasted Wagyu Tri-Tip Au Jus
  • Blackened Catfish with lemon Beurre Blanc
  • Green beans with Caramelized Onions and Bacon
  • Hatch Chili White Cheddar Mac and Cheese
  • Sweet Yeast Rolls
  • Butter
  • Peach Cobbler with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Vegetarian entrees are available, please contact

Billy Bob’s Box Office at 817-624-7117

When ordering tickets:

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  • 40 gallons of whiskey

    Merle Haggard made the Guinness Book of World Records for buying the largest round of drinks when he bought 5,095 drinks of Canadian Club for the entire club.  The bill totaled $12,737.50 and equaled 40 gallons of whiskey.

  • Billy Bob’s Doors since 1981

    More Than 17 Million Visitors have come through Billy Bob’s Doors since 1981.  With it's international notoriety, the club sees visitors from around the world.  Billy Bob's truly has carved a niche in the world of country music and entertainment. 

  • 47,500 Bucking Bulls

    Over the past 30 years, more than 47, 500 bulls have bucked in Billy Bob’s arena. World Champions including Tuff Hedeman, Ty Murray, and Adriano Moraes have all tested their skills in Billy Bob’s arena. Bull riding at Billy Bob’s is often the focus of movie and TV shoots, including specials on Comed...Read more

  • Billy Bob’s launched own recording

    In 1998, Billy Bob’s launched its own recording label - Live at Billy Bob's Texas -  to  capture the magic of the club's famous live shows. Now totaling over 47 full concert recordings spread out over 3 decades, Live at Billy Bob's Texas, is one of Country Music's most extensive catalogs, featuring ...Read more

  • Lights, Camera, Honky Tonk

    Billy Bob’s Texas has been featured on several TV and Movie screens and has served as the location for several music videos for country’s biggest stars.  A number of episodes of the original television series “Dallas” were shot on location. Other shows include “Walker Texas Ranger”, CBS’s “Happy New...Read more

  • Movies filmed at Billy Bob’s

    Movies filmed at Billy Bob’s include: “Over The Top”, starring Sylvester Stallone in 1987,  “Baja Oklahoma”, with Lesley Ann Warren, Peter Coyote & Willie Nelson in 1988,  “Necessary Roughness”, with Scott Bakula, Sinbad, Robert Loggia & Kathy Ireland in 1991, and “Pure Country” in 1992, starring Ge...Read more

  • Garth Brooks pointed an arrow

    When Garth Brooks signed the famous backstage wall, he also drew the words 'the King' and an arrow pointing to the ceiling.  What was up there?  A cardboard cut out of none other than  ‘the King’ George Strait.  That cardboard version of the 'King of Country' is still there today.

  • Pat Green sold out 15 times

    Pat Green has sold out Billy Bob’s 15 times.  Pat's first sell out performance occurred in September of 2000.  His most recent sell out happened in January of 2015.  Pat was also the first artist to record on our Live at Billy Bob's Texas label - his recording was a test for Merle Haggard on New Yea...Read more

  • The bronze statue of Billy Bob Barnett’s mentor

    The bronze statue of Billy Bob Barnett’s mentor, Benny Binion, disappeared during the night after Billy Bob’s closed in 1998.  It is now on display at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas.

  • Filming of Pure Country

    During the filming of Pure Country, a disguised George Strait and his wife Norma, came to Billy Bob’s with members of the film crew. They celebrated in Billy Bob’s VIP room.  Billy Bob's bathroom was used for a small scene in the movie.

  • Billy Bob’s is known for discovering new talent

    Billy Bob’s is known for discovering new talent.  In one weekend in 1982, it paid Reba McEntire $3,500 on a Friday, and George Strait $4,500 on a Saturday – a fraction of what those performers command today.

  • Willie Nelson played over 50 times

    Willie Nelson has played over 50 times at Billy Bob’s Texas.  One of his fondest memories is riding a horse into the showroom.  In 2004, Willie brought his 4th of July picnic to Cowtown, drawing an estimated crowd of 10,000.

  • Tanya Tucker

    When Tanya Tucker was asked what she wanted on her tombstone, she replied “She’s not here, she’s playing at Billy Bob’s."   Tanya has been a 30-year friend of the club, delivering dynamic performances every time she stops by.

  • Chris LeDoux at his first Billy Bob’s show

     LeDoux, a former rodeo cowboy who had worked on the labor list for Billy Minick, said at a CMA Event "My name is Chris LeDoux and someday I'm going to get to play Billy Bob's".  In January of 1992, he arrived to play his first Billy Bob’s show in a motor home with a small equipment trailer. 

  • Martina McBride first came to Billy Bob's

    Martina McBride first came to Billy Bob’s as a t-shirt sales person for Garth Brooks.  Her husband was in Brooks’ production crew. 

  • Troy Aikman on-stage with Shenandoah

    Troy Aikman once jumped on-stage with Shenandoah in the 90’s to sing a version of ‘Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys’.  Troy was a regular fixture backstage and a good friend of the club.

  • “Black & Black, Back to Back”

    Clink Black played the Tarrant County Convention Center and Billy Bob’s booked his brother, Kevin Black.  The show drew a large crowd suspecting Clint might show up at his brother’s performance.  He didn’t, and the next day’s paper read “Black & Black, Back to Back."

  • Shooter Jennings

    Shooter Jennings used to attend the club with his father, Waylon Jennings and his mother, Jessi Colter, as a child.  Shooter has since become an American singer songwriter active in the country music and Southern rock genres.

  • Vanna White plays with Blain Gray Band

    While in town for a taping of Wheel of Fortune, Vanna White stopped in to play tambourine on a few numbers with the Blain Gray Band on the honky tonk stage.

  • The Dancing Machine

    Wendell Nelson started giving dance lessons at Billy Bob's at the end of 1981.  He's taught more than 100,000 people - including Julia Roberts and Paula Zahn.  Wendell can still be found teaching couples dance lessons on Sunday and Monday nights, as well as leading the line dance lessons every Thurs...Read more

  • Rock the house

    Billy Bob's has long been home to many kinds of music.  From rock to rhythm and blues, it's more than just country and western acts that perform on our famous stage. Past artists include Roy Orbison, The Temptations, James Brown, B.B King, Ray Charles, Ringo Starr, Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye and many,...Read more

  • Farewell to Nolan Ryan

    One of the greatest pitchers of all time - Nolan Ryan - developed a long time relationship with the club.  On September 12th, 1993, Ryan's 'Farewell to a Legend" retirement party was held at Billy Bob's.  Film star, and Angels' owner Gene Autry - attended the event.

  • Guinness Book World's Largest Belt Buckle

    The largest belt buckle is 1.98 m (6 ft 6 in) tall, 2.59 m (8 ft 6 in) wide, achieved by ESPN in partnership with Kelly Graham (Both USA) at “ESPN The Magazine’s NEXT BIG Weekend” in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, on 3 February 2011.   According to event organizers, the facade of the aluminum buckle paid h...Read more

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