About Cowtown Conjunto Festival

ABOUT COWTOWN CONJUNTO FESTIVAL: The 8th annual Cowtown Conjunto scheduled for April 28, 2019 is projected to be the biggest and most successful event since its inception; not only is it anticipated to draw the largest multitudes ever. Averaging an audience of approximately 5 thousand attendees the past five years and growing through the years we are anticipating anywhere between 8 thousand to perhaps 10 thousand people in attendance. Fans from all over; D/FW area, San Antonio, Houston, West Texas, South Texas and some as far out as out of State have made it a yearly affair to be in attendance. The festival has become more than just another concert, but one that has grown in popularity in the community with a rich and passionate culture. Reviews from prior years have been all positive and everyone from the attendees, musical artists, vendors, and staff are raving as to how amazing the 8th annual Cowtown Conjunto will be.

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