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One moment, Whiskey Myers is cooking along on a blues/rock groove and you figure you have this East Texas band’s musical ambitions pegged. And for that moment, you do. But out of nowhere, the quintet slides into some hard-rock chords and arena-ready guitar solos, and you realize that no, this is what Whiskey Myers is. And in that instant, you’re right again. But not for long. Suddenly, the band falls back into a country-rock beat that carries just a tinge of Gram Parsons undercurrent. Aaah, this is what the Tyler-based act is about. For that little period of time, once again, it’s true. Ultimately, the bigger truth is that Whiskey Myers is sort of inexplicable. With its superb twin-lead guitars, Cody Cannon’s rough-cut lead vocals and a solid, uncluttered rhythm section, the band typically winds around a Lynyrd Skynyrd/Led Zeppelin-centered foundation, veering off in spokes of grunge, psychedelia, harmony-laden pop-rock and rockabilly. It’s a Southern-rock band with jam-band tendencies. Maybe.

Event Details

Date: 1/18/2014

Time: 10:30 PM