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Dance Lessons



Dancing is good exercise and a great way to have fun while meeting new people with similar interests. Check out our dance lesson opportunities and learn how to boot-scoot across the Billy Bob’s Texas dance floor!


Line Dance Lessons

Billy Bob’s offers free line dance lessons at 7 pm every Thursday night (excluding special events). Admission prices still apply.


Couples Dance Lessons

Want to learn the latest in Country & Western dancing? Take advantage of the 8 Week Couples Course on Sunday and Monday nights. No need to preregister; lessons are just $5 per person, per lesson. The beginning dates for the latest courses are as follows:


Winter Dance Classes

It’s a New Year and if your resolution involves learning to dance—Billy Bobs Texas will be starting the new 8 week series on January 4th & 5th. It is a couples dance class, but we will pair up singles if we have them. We do not guarantee dance partners though. 17 & under must be with a parent or guardian and bring their own dance partner. Leather sole shoes work the best. If you want to bring a group (office, church, family, etc.) feel free to do so. No registration required. Just be there 15 minutes before your class to get a table, drink and wait to be called to sign up.


Sunday- January 4th 
5PM–Beginner Country ( 3-step, 2-step, waltz & c.e. joe)

6PM–Intermediate Country (for the faster 2-step music)

Monday- January 5th
7PM–Beginner Country ( same as Sunday 5PM. In case you missed a class you make it up or take both. Some couples take it twice as they need some extra help.)
8PM–Beginner Fort Worth Shuffle (very popular dance that started here–fancy version of 2-step)




As Featured in Fort Worth, Texas Magazine

As Featured in Fort Worth, Texas Magazine


Meet the Dance Instructor

Wendell Nelson has been the Dance Instructor for Billy Bob’s Texas for over 20 years and has been teaching night club dancing for over 30 years. Wendell also directs the Fort Worth Push Club and works with several Event Planners in the Metroplex to organize dance lessons for private events.
Wendell believes that learning to dance is supposed to be fun and often says, “Dancing is the most fun you can have standing up.”
Come learn to dance in the World’s Largest Honky Tonk!


Contact Wendell

For additional information and to receive e-mail notification of upcoming dance classes call or email Wendell:
Phone: 817-923-9215